Since 10 years, i have been guided by my heart pushing me to experience life and adventure in India, United States, Mexico and Europe. I am the mother of a little girl, she is my life force energy, and I always has been moved by the powerful Trust that we, as human being have unlimited capacities, and that we have the power to create our life and our own reality. We have the power to transform ! Transforming our thought into light, transforming our words into Sacred Voices and Be an instrument of the Divine through the creation ! 

And by making my jewelry creations, by working with silver, with the four elements, surrounded by powerful crystals and stones, i can enter in this dimension of transformation and creation. Sacred time, meditative time, made with so much love.

When i travel like a gypsy, exploring cultures, discovering arts, spirituality, humanism, sacred techniques, designs, diversity, wonderful people, smells... i create my own reality of an explorer of the Existence, Sprayding Informations about Love and Freedom, Praying for the World and the Peace in our Heart, unlocking the chain which keep us with limitations.

And I share it with you.

My creations, are like talisman for protection, honoring Mother Earth, honoring The Creation, The Sun, The Moon, The Unity, The Duality, the Infinite...

I Love to work with magics stones, with metals, with beautiful feathers, with macrame Technic, wood, as i Honor Mother Earth with so much gratitude.

My purpose is to serve you to be the best version of yourself.

By my collection of Indian Jewelry, I invite you to Honor the Divine within Yourself ! Celebrate that you are a Sacred Goddess ! I invite you to be the woman YOU ARE !

Manifesting the Beauty of Divine Light

Celebrate beauty, Celebrate Sacred Existence with Sacred Geometry Design !

Celebrate Freedom, Alternative Lifestyle and Pirate Life.

Celebrate Mother Earth with all her gifts !

Thanks you so much for coming here, liking the page and support me in my momentreprenor and creative journey ! Much Blessings and Joy to everybody !