anand akasha kaur

For more than ten years, my desire to explore life and the mysteries of existence has taken me on the roads of Sacred India, the United States and Mexico.

By exploring cultures, spiritualities, sacred geometry, designs, the diversity of the world and of men, I was attracted and passionate about jewelry. I find in them an energy that allows us to raise the vibration by reconnecting us to who we are in essence.

My journey also led me to become an instructor of Hatha yoga, Shakti Dance, and activist for the woman to take her place of Woman.

My mission is to sublimate our inner divinity to manifest it on the outside.

I urge you to embody your inner Goddess and be fully the woman that you are.

This is why I chose the name of Deusa Ama - the loving Goddess - or rather radiant.

My creations are like amulets, talismans that honor our Mother Earth, the Cosmos, Creation, the Sun, the Moon, the elements, Unity and Duality, the Gods, the Infinite ...

I love working with magic stones, sacred feathers, precious metals, knot techniques, wood ... because I honor the Earth and its gifts with gratitude and devotion.

When I am in the jewelry making phase and I reach this creative trance, surrounded by crystals, wielding the elements, torch fire, water, stones, feathers, sacred designs, perfect geometries, the chaos, I enter this dimension of alchemical transformation of matter.

With intention and love, I select and create for you magical, sacred and energetic jewelry that will accompany you in this experience of life.

My mission is to invite each of us to find the path to harmony, fulfillment, the magic of life to make it shine.

And it is with all this energy and this vision that Deusa Ama has been built at your service.

Mily Boutin de Deusa Ama