Obsidian Yoni Egg

The Yoni egg, an ancient technique that heals and honors feminine intimacy.

The yoni egg is an accompanying tool for healing body, mind and soul. It allows a reconnection to his sex as the sacred door of the Temple of Creative Energies.

One of the first steps on this path to your sacred femininity and energetic fertility is to reconnect with this too long set aside area and heal wounds associated with the accumulation of memories.

In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor and perineum during postpartum muscle reconstruction, Yoni eggs support the healing of reproductive system imbalances, prevent incontinence and improve sensations during sex.

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The Obsidian Yoni Egg

It is a stone that helps to overcome traumas by promoting the release of memories accumulated in this area. Stone of truth and introspection from our darkest depths, it is like a mirror of the Soul that highlights our shadows around sexuality and our primary needs lie at the 1st Chakra (Muladhara). It anchors us in the present by sharpening our internal vision and forging a solid connection with Mother Earth.It is a protective stone protects us from negative energies.

The eggs are carefully chosen, then cleaned and exposed to full moon light.

Origin of the Obsidian


Obsidian is a rock of volcanic origin that is black, red, gray or even dark green. This stone is very loaded with silica. Sometimes called volcanic glass, it is a volcanic rock that forms when lava solidifies so quickly that the minerals don't have time to crystallize. Obsidian contains the energies of fire from the center of the Earth which solidifies on contact with the winds from the sky. It is said that it was the Roman Obsius who gave it its name when he first brought this black stone back from Ethiopia. Others believe the word is derived from the Greek "opsianos" which means "vision, spectacle, or even surrounded".


History of the Obsidian


Obsidian was used in some Stone Age cultures for its ease of cutting and the excellent sharpness it provides. Its use is found in Egypt and Mesopotamia to make sharp blades for incising corpses during embalming rituals. It was used for all kinds of decorative objects, jewelry or tools. It is found in particular in circumcision rituals due to its sharpness and the precision of its cut. The pre-Hispanic civilizations, especially in Mexico, obsidian had a very important place. Used by the Olmecs of Central America to make weapons, tools, ornaments and decorative objects, it was also used in medicine, either to fight against viruses, bacteria and tissue damage, but also for cranial surgeries. . Also used for bartering, it encouraged the development of the Aztec Empire and its expansion into El Salvador and Nicaragua. The Aztecs considered it a magic stone and they used it to make mirrors in which they read the future by pouring water on the surface of the mirror and guessing shapes forming in the reflection. The obsidian, which the Aztecs called Iztli or Teotetl, was particularly associated with the "smoking mirror", the god Tezcatlipoca, related to witchcraft and divination. According to some versions of the creation myth, mother earth or earth monster, Coatlicue, generated with an obsidian blade, the moon, Coyolxanuhqui, and the stars. The Navajo tribe was also closely linked to Obsidian. She was one of the 4 sacred stones, linked to 4 sacred mountains precisely located in their territory. Obsidian mountain was Dzil bash'zhini, today identified as Mount Hesperus. In some versions of their creation myth, the human heart is said to have been created by the gods with obsidian.


The benefits and properties of Obsidian


Obsidian acts as a protective stone against psychic, even magical attacks. It protects our spiritual field and strengthens it. It also facilitates full openness and mindfulness. The world seems clearer. We call it the Stone of Truth to bring to the surface traumas, fears and blockages buried in our subconscious, in order to face them and overcome them. You have to be ready to accept the resulting change. In this sense, obsidian is considered a liberating stone, because it helps to dissolve the ambiguities that gnaw at us. It balances the light and shadow of each person in order to find peace on a spiritual and mental level. It supports anxiety, trauma and shock by bringing clarity, serenity and inner peace. It dissolves blockages by strengthening the flow of energy in the body. It relieves rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis and cramps by eliminating toxins in the kidneys and purifying the blood. It facilitates healing and irritation and helps regulate pH and heal infections. Endowed with dark energy, Obsidian is linked mainly to the 1st chakra, known as the "Muladhara" root chakra. It is an anchor stone that connects us to Source by forging a powerful connection with Mother Earth and sharpening our vision of what is.


Obsidian Egg Ritual


Here is a ritual which was transmitted to me by Abuela Maninalli during my first "Dance of the Moon" in Mexico. It is a complete treatment of 3 months followed obligatorily by a month of rest. It will be applied 6 days a week with a day of rest for 3 weeks, then leaving 1 week of rest (during menstruation). This repeated for 3 months. Before each use, visualize a blue energy protection bubble enveloping the Obsidian Egg. Likewise, visualize this bubble of protection around us. Then ask the Obsidian for permission to do this cleaning work and thank her.


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