Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

The Yoni egg, an ancient technique that heals and honors feminine intimacy.

The yoni egg is an accompanying tool for healing body, mind and soul. It allows a reconnection to his sex as the sacred door of the Temple of Creative Energies.

One of the first steps on this path to your sacred femininity and energetic fertility is to reconnect with this too long set aside area and heal wounds associated with the accumulation of memories.

In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor and perineum during postpartum muscle reconstruction, Yoni eggs support the healing of reproductive system imbalances, prevent incontinence and improve sensations during sex.

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Yoni Egg – Healing of Love with Rose Quartz

Origin of Rose Quartz

As its name suggests, rose quartz is part of the quartz family, like Amethyst (purple quartz), Citrine (yellow quartz), Rock crystal (colorless quartz), Prasiolite (quartz green), Smoky Quartz (brown quartz), Chalcedony (blue quartz), or even Ametrine (two-tone quartz ... purple and yellow).

This beautiful pink stone takes millions of years to form.

History of Rose Quartz

Quartz takes its name from the ancient Greek krustallos which means ice in reference to the belief that quartz was ice formed by the Gods. Its history dates back to the 7th century BC in Mesopotamia where rose quartz beads were already used to make jewelry.

The Roman, Egyptian and Greek civilizations used rose quartz as a powerful talisman to prevent aging, it was believed to be able to slow down the aging of the skin and it was used in the composition of beauty masks. Egyptian mythology seems to have dedicated rose quartz to the cult of Isis, goddess of divine youth, sister and loving wife of Osiris.

In the Middle Ages, quartz crystal balls were used to predict the future and doctors used them to make potions.

Among the Greeks, rose quartz was the symbol of Initiation. Greek mythology has it that Aphrodite, rushing into the forest to save her beautiful Adonis from being attacked by a wild boar, skinned herself in the brambles. His blood mingled with that oozing from Adonis' wounds. The drops of their mixed blood turned into rose quartz stones. Another version of the appearance on Earth of rose quartz cites the intervention of Eros, god of love, who allegedly gave it to men in the hope of spreading love and peace.

For Muslims it is the one of contemplation and for Indians it would be the stone of maternal deity. In the ancient Middle East, it was dedicated to Astarte, goddess of love and war.

Like several other skulls carved in stone and found in South and Central America, it is said to be linked to the legend of the 13 skulls. A Mayan prophecy says in fact that thirteen crystal skulls, transmitted by celestial creatures to the Atlanteans, must one day all be gathered so that great secrets can be revealed to men.

Properties and virtues of Rose Quartz

The padded softness of rose quartz evokes peace, calm and tenderness. This is probably why this stone is known to be a comforter, it is supposed to heal both physical and emotional wounds. Its contact reassures, strengthens self-confidence and the ability to accept yourself as you are. Linked to the heart chakra, this energetic node of Indian medicine, rose quartz is said to facilitate breathing and strengthen feelings of love. It helps to regulate endocrine disorders. It is believed to have a moderating action on blood pressure, strengthening the heart and facilitating the elimination of toxins.
This rock is soothing and reassuring, it opens the mind to spirituality and helps repair traumas suffered in the past. It also increases sensitivity and empathy to better open up to others.

Use of Rose Quartz Egg

Before and after each use, pass the Obsidian stone under tap water.

It is recommended to clean it for the new moon, leaving it overnight in a glass of water exposed to lunar rays.

Its energy charge will be under a full moon night, exposed directly to the lunar rays, without a glass of water.

Rose Quartz Rose stone can be used intuitively according to the needs and feelings of the body.

There is no danger in keeping it for several days in a row, because the body sometimes needs in-depth work.

The Rose Quartz Egg will be carefully kept in a small red bag so that the energy does not dissipate and must be kept out of sight.


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