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Meditative Pendant - Jnana Mudra

Regular price €28.00 -20% Price €22.40

Meditative pendant // Jnana Mudra Golden Brass  •Seize : 4cm  •Weigth with chain : 16gr  •Seize of the chain : 50cm  •Materiel : 100 % Brass  •Handmade by skilled artisans in a workshop in Jaipur  •Eco concisous : All packaging is made from recycling materials. Feel free to contact me for any questions about the items.

Angel's Calling Pendant - Inner treasure

Regular price €28.00 -20% Price €22.40

Pregnancy Necklace - Golden Brass Angel's Calling - Sweet Ringing Ball Like a treasure in a case, we carry the torch of enlightenment in the heart of our body. Let it shine and flood the world with its grace.  •Seize : 4cm  •Weigth with chain : 18gr  •Seize of the chain : 74cm  •Materiel : 100 % Brass  •Handmade by skilled artisans in a workshop in...

Angel's Calling Pendant - Shatkona

Regular price €35.00 -20% Price €28.00

Angel's Calling Pendant  Shatkona - David's Star Golden Brass The six-pointed star is a symbol of protection representing the balance of finite and infinity. Its soft and soothing ringing invites expectant mothers to communicate with their baby throughout pregnancy. After birth, the familiar melody of the Pregnancy Bola soothes and reassures the...

// Pregnancy Necklace - Protection of the Angel

Price €40.00

Angel's Calling Pendant  Golden Brass Remember at all times that the Angels are protecting you and guiding you with the message of unconditional love. This Pregnancy Bola emits a soft ringing tone, bringing calm and harmony to mother and baby. By taking a few minutes each day to roll it onto your tummy, you create a sound bond of love with your...

Angel's Calling Pendant - Cosmic Egg

Regular price €40.00 -20% Price €32.00

Angel's Calling Pendant - Pregnancy Necklace Golden Brass Within you resides a being of light filled with glory and endowed with an infinite capacity for creation. This egg-shaped pregnancy Bola symbolizes fertility, and the life that hatches from it. It emits a soft ringing sound, bringing calm and harmony to mom and baby. By taking a few minutes...