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Native Americans Jewelry - Wirras Traditions

“Our evolving soul only asks for serenity. Sit close to your heart, listen to the silence, you will hear your guides there in complete privacy.” Native American quote

  • Weight per earring : 5 gr
  • Height : 13 cm
  • Material : Beads and Surgical steel closure
  • Handmade by Wirras Women
  • The shipment includes a recyclable material gift box

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It is with deep respect for the American Indians and their wonderful heritage, that we present you this collection of beads jewelry created with love and tradition in Mexico by the Wirras women.

Ancestral land and cosmological sanctuary, the Wirikuta Desert, according to its Huichol name, has been threatened for several years by multinationals. They are one of the last Amerindian peoples to have kept their language and traditions alive despite Spanish colonization, thus becoming, alongside the Chiapanec Zapatistas, one of the symbols of Indian identity resistance in Mexico.

They are called the "last guardians of peyote", sacred ancestral medicine which allows the connection between the terrestrial world and the world of the Gods.


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