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Modern Technology for Children: Causes and Effects

We are living in an era where technology has become an important part of our life. Today, modern technology has influenced almost every sector and industry. The use of technology machines and gadget make the life of people easier and better. Nowadays technology is widely used in the educational sector to educate students about their subject. Though it has many positive effects on one life, the dependency on technology sometimes negatively affects the life of people. Parents and teachers should know whether the use of modern technology makes the life of their children better or worse.

The correct use of technology can help students to escalate their academic growth. With the help of technology resources, they can solve their assignment or academic project efficiently and save a lot of time. Assignment Help Bristol UK services offer assignment writing and learning support to the university or college students in the UK by using technology resources.

In this blog, we will discuss the positive and negative effects of technology that influence the lives of children.

The Positive Effect of Technology on Students

There are numerous benefits of technology that can help children or students for their personal development and improvement.

  1. Gain Knowledge with Mental Development

The positive effect of modern technology on students and children’s education plays a vital role in their educational life. There are several apps and resources available that help students to improve their cognitive skills. There are several educational games, artificial intelligence-enabled software, and apps that make it possible for students to build their knowledge of subject and educational content. It allows them to enjoy studying and boosts mental development.

  • Enhance Learning

Modern technology sources provide several ways to learn the content easily and effectively. Many tutorials, online classes, notes, a variety of educational content designed by experts, and video and audio solutions are available on the internet. With The use of these sources, they can enhance their learning and acquire more knowledge of the subject.

  • Improve Problem-Solving Skills

The technology offers visual design programs, technical drawing programs, coding programs, and various tools that make a positive impact on students’ creativity. It makes enable students to deal with challenges and improve problem-solving skills.

  • Easy Access to Information

This is the most important aspect of technology in the education process of children. With the help of technology, students can access a lot of information about any topic easily and quickly. It helps students in their academic research and writing tasks.

  • Development of Critical Thinking

Students can enjoy many online mental games and quizzes with technology sources. It develops their critical thinking process. They can fun with the activity of the game and at the same time, they can improve their critical and analytical thinking.

The Negative Effect of Technology on Students

Apart from the positive impact of technology, it has many negative effects. Here are some of the negative effects of technology:

  1. Lower Attention Span

One of the negative effects of technology on children is that it impacts their academic process.  Due to spending too much time on the internet and technology devices such as computers, laptops, games, and gadgets, students can’t pay attention to their studies.

  • Reduce Social Interaction

Spending too much time on internet games and social media, they get disconnected from their real life. Children who do not socially interact with their environment may find difficulty in their personal development.

Reduced Sleep Quality

Spending too much time on mobile at late night can affect the sleep quality of children as well as adults. Due to excessive use of technology, they can suffer from sleeping disorders that can cause health problems such as stress, dark circles, depression, and many more.

  • Impacts Performance Negatively

The dependency on technology students or children can decrease their ability to solve problems on their own. They do not try their use their mind or skills in their education process which affect their grades and performance negatively.

  • Arise Health Problems

Another negative effect of dependency on technology arise several health problems. Research shoe technology cause many health problems such as low vision, neck pain, overstrain, migraine, etc.  To prevent and find the solution to overcome these health problems, you can take advice from Medical Assignment Help services in the United Kingdom.


These are some positive and negative effect that helps you to understand its impact on students’ lives.

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